Here’s what a DISC Assessment is and how to apply it to your business.

Everybody is different, but we’re all predictably different. We all have our own patterns of behavior, but do any of us ever take the time to really understand why we do what we do?

A DISC assessment examines how an individual ranks in four areas of behavior. Here’s what each category means and how it applies to real estate:

‘D’ stands for ‘Dominance.’ People who lead with ‘D’ tend to be competitive and operate with a high sense of urgency. When communicating with someone who’s a ‘D,’ be direct and get to the point; they’re biggest fear is being taken advantage of. On a listing appointment, they’ll just want to know what you can sell their house for, how long it will take, and how much you will charge them.

‘I’ stands for ‘Influence.’ People with a high ‘I’ score are your classic extroverts. They’re the optimistic social butterflies who tend to be the center of attention. When communicating with a high ‘I,’ allow them to lead the conversation. They want to be heard; their biggest fear is rejection. On a listing appointment, they’ll make a decision based on the personal connection, so be sure to ask a lot of questions about them. If they like you, they’ll hire you.

‘S’ stands for ‘Steadiness.’ People with a high ‘S’ are caretakers. They’re the assistants and transaction coordinators. Nurturers by nature, they value stability and are usually great listeners. They’re good at following procedures and systems because they appreciate consistency. When communicating with a high ‘S,’ be patient and kind; their biggest fear is losing safety and security. On a listing appointment with an ‘S,’ break out your pre-listing and in-escrow checklists and show them the sequence of events on a calendar.

‘C’ stands for ‘Conscientiousness.’ People with a high ‘C’ score are detail-oriented and value precision. These are the clients who want to see the data. They don’t care about what you know; they care about where you got the data. When communicating with a ‘C,’ be prepared for questions; their biggest fear is being criticized for their work, and they spend a lot of time and energy on being accurate. On a listing appointment with a high ‘C,’ you better have an accurate CMA and be prepared to go over every single comparable.

“Do any of us ever take the time to really understand why we do what we do?”

I am a high ‘D’ and a high ‘I’ myself. I move fast, I’m social, I’m extremely impatient; I’m a big thinker and a risk-taker. My biggest fear is being taken advantage of, and I hate rejection.

Interestingly, though I’ve owned my own real estate business since 2003, I’ve never gone ‘door knocking’ or made a cold call. My business has always come from open houses and succeeding in my relationships, sphere of influence, and referrals. As the CEO of Keller Williams La Mirada, I attract the same type of agents by leaning on my relationships to get referrals. I assume everyone is a client and trust that if I create enough value over time, they may see it and want to be a part of our culture.

Take the DISC Assessment by Googling “Tony Robbins DISC.” It’s free and takes no more than 15 minutes to complete. Remember: Don’t overthink—your initial answer is generally your best one. Be 100% honest with yourself.

The first five people who contact me will receive our paid version of the DISC Assessment for free and I will personally validate your results. In addition, we’ll create a business plan around your strengths and a fortress around your weaknesses.

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