Here’s how to avoid a state of burnout in your career.

For many real estate agents and hard-working entrepreneurs, a state of burnout can feel inevitable, especially during these times of uncertainty when daily business goals and packed personal schedules contend with new challenges.

Having to reinvent your systems to cater to today’s unusual environment while also handling increased demands at home can leave little room for emotional, physical, and spiritual renewal. Burnout can steer you away from your path to joy, productivity, and the life you’ve always envisioned.

While it’s true that burnout is associated with a prolonged period of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion, the levels and specific symptoms of it vary from person to person. Early warning signs usually include frustration, fatigue, and fear; it can feel like a complete loss of momentum, as if running into an imposing barrier.

The aspects of our lives that bring us happiness are usually those in which we’re experiencing some degree of progress. Burnout is the opposite of progress, and the result of repeated activities that fail to produce forward movement. Typically, without self-awareness, we tend to blame our environment or others around us. Sadly, falling into the victim mentality and shirking responsibility is all too easy.

How do you avoid burnout? Turn around and follow the breadcrumbs that led you to the brink. I help my clients source the cause of their frustration by reframing the question; this is what I’ll ask them: “I want to become an expert at becoming burned out, and you know how to achieve it. Teach me how to do it. Where do I start?”

As they begin to answer, I ask follow-up questions and prompt them to elaborate on specific points. At the end, we’ll look back on our discussion to identify common phrases and themes. Usually, this method reveals habits that have built up over time, like lack of sleep, procrastination, or an inability to set boundaries.

“Burnout is the opposite of progress, and its draining effect can be dangerous.”

Once you’re aware of the behaviors and habits holding you back and driving you toward burnout, it’s important to own it and take action to break the cycle. The fastest way to escape or avoid a state of burnout is to pose big, inspirational questions to yourself—questions that place you in a mindset of possibility. For example, I ask my clients, “What would you do if I were to write you a check for $1 million for taking 15 listings this month?”

From that simple vision, we brainstorm possibilities, discuss available resources, and draft a plan. Soon, feelings of hopelessness fade, as they’re replaced by fresh energy.

As Gary Keller teaches, the key to achieving consistent and predictable results in any area of your life is implementing a model. In his famous book, “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent,” he introduces “the energy plan,” which helps you create a model for sustainable energy in the five most important categories: spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and business.

While you’re exploring Keller’s ideas, I also encourage you to read Hal Elrod’s “The Miracle Morning.” I read that book five years ago and it changed my life. Once you’ve decided which activities you’ll commit to in each of the five categories, you can execute. If you start feeling fatigued, again, return to the plan and determine which parts need extra special attention or slight modification.

Big goals require sustained effort, which in turn requires a steady stream of energy at your disposal. Make sure your energy plan is completed every morning by 11 a.m. The new day and all the busyness it contains will arrive before you know it, so be prepared to meet it head on.

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